Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Best of 2006-Old Dogs with New Tricks

For the Music Mix Online Compilation Area. With the end of the year approaching, the 2006 Best of lists will be surfacing. Here is a best of compilation of those old artists who recorded some good stuff this year.

2006-Old Dogs with New Tricks Compilation

1) Thunder on the Mountain-Bob Dylan (65 years old. Modern Times will be tops on all lists)
2) Pay Me My Money Down-Bruce Springsteen (57 years old)
3) Saving Grace-Tom Petty (56 years old)
4) Just Like Noah's Ark-Elton John (59 years old)
5) It's Not Enough-The Who (Roger and Pete 62 and 61 respectively)
6) Sam I Am-Sammy Hagar (59 years old)
7) Rainy Day Blues-Willie Nelson (73 years old)
8) Face The Promise-Bob Seger (61 years old)
9) Better To Have and Not Need-Sam Moore w/Bruce (71 years old)
10) Ride The River-JJ Cale & Eric Clapton (68 and 61 respectively)
11) Someday Baby-Bob Dylan
12) How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live-Bruce Springsteen
13) This Is Us-Mark Knopfler & Emmy Lou Harris (57 and 59 respectively)
14) Pay The Devil-Van Morrison (61 years old)
15) Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Tony Bennett & Sting (80 and 55 respectively)
16) The Best of My Love-Rod Stewart (61 years old)
17) Travelin' Band-Jerry Lee Lewis & John Fogerty (71 and 61 respectively)
18) Devil's Got a New Disguise-Aerosmith (old!!!!)

1 comment:

JohnG said...

For the record, if Rod Stewart lives to be 100 he will still be an opportunistic, shameless dog.

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