Thursday, December 7, 2006

Center Stage -- Featured Artist

Known by music fans as the front man for The Push Stars, Chris Trapper has stepped out on his own again for the release of his third solo project, titled Hey You.
Fortunately for fans of the Stars, this new record features a lot of the pop sensibilities that helped land the group on several different soundtracks and build a devoted following over the past 10 years, particularly in their home base of New England.
A few of our favorite tracks from Hey You include the playful Wish I Was Cool and the acoustic Everytime I See You.
The rich and diverse sound on Hey You features contributions from Trapper's bandmates in The Push Stars, as well as Martin Sexton and Great Big Sea.
For those folks that are not familiar with The Push Stars, we suggest you get caught up with their catalog. The group has five discs, and one of our favorites is After The Party, which features some great tracks including Everything Shines, Any Little Town and Minnesota.

Where To Find It: Hey You is available for download on both iTunes and Rhapsody.


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